Marie Rayner – Facilitator

I am an Expressive Arts Facilitator and have combined my teaching and nursing careers to offer health and wellness workshops offering creative expressive art strategies for self-exploration while having fun. Working with student and senior groups and sometimes combining the two provides a unique inter-generational experience.

I was introduced to Expressive Arts when volunteering at a hospice centre and was drawn to the positive effects that artful expression offered to the clients and their families. This led me to complete my Expressive Arts Certificate and I introduced it into my classroom and outreach opportunities with seniors.

I am thrilled to expand my Expressive Arts experiences and create and provide workshops with a focus on health and wellness which has been an integral part of my professional and personal life. I am excited to share Expressive Arts strategies so others can appreciate its many positive benefits, all while having fun.

Our Mission Statement:

Soulful Expressions introduces the power of art to promote healthy lifestyles by inspiring individuals to explore through creativity and innovation, self-awareness and well-being.

Our Health Education Active Learning Program (HEAL) is a specialized focused health program for Gr. 11 & 12 students, who are interested in pursuing health care careers. Our class completed the ‘Art for Health’, two-day training workshop. Marie facilitated a fun, hands-on, energetic, creative program. The students explored how to promote communication using expressive arts strategies and creative processes, utilizing a variety of materials. The workshop also prepared students to assist in the delivery of an Expressive Arts activity at a local seniors’ residence, which provided valuable experiential learning and an inter-generational opportunity. We look forward to future integration of this workshop into the Health Education Active Learning Program.

Rebecca Wallace

HEAL/SHSM Program Instructor, Teacher, OCT

Profile:  Marie Rayner

Marie always wanted to help others which led her to follow a career in nursing. She developed strong assessment and communication skills and effectively developed and implemented care plans for patients in a busy emergency room, a mental health centre and assisted patients and their families in transition as a discharge planner. She especially enjoyed the health teaching opportunities that occurred in her role as a Registered Nurse recognizing its importance to empower patients and their families to and promote self-care, so when an opportunity arose to teach health care formally in the education sector, she accepted the without hesitation, combining both her passions of health care and teaching. Marie returned to school to complete her second degree in education and taught adults pursuing health care careers and students to focus on health care curriculum in secondary school.

She was a leader and initiator of her school board’s Specialist High Skills Major Health and Wellness student success program receiving recognition for her innovation and efforts to provide a unique program, from school board administrators, local and national media publications, regional councilors and MPP’s. She introduced her program to Board and Governance Committees, teacher candidates enrolled in Bachelor of Education programs and participated in curriculum development. She was also awarded the S.J. Ulan Professional Contribution award for her efforts in experiential learning in education.

When volunteering at a Hospice centre Marie was introduced to the integration of expressive arts to support clients and families dealing with grief and loss. Having no previous experience in the arts, she loved that expressive arts offered her the ability to create and explore many art modalities that led to personal revelations. As a life-long learner, she obtained her Expressive Arts Certificate engaging in experiences to augment her own personal growth and implemented techniques into the curriculum. Understanding the positive correlation to physical and psychological well-being through expressive arts, Marie initiated intergenerational workshops utilizing visual arts, movement, creative writing and drumming.

Marie offers a variety of workshops that incorporates her solid knowledge and experience of health care, education and expressive arts and shares her passion of utilizing art for health at association conferences incorporating hands-on experiences. Her workshops provide an opportunity for self-exploration in a fun, safe and welcoming environment. Her innovation, passion and enthusiasm is evident as she guides participants through the process. I am so fortunate to have learned to use expressive arts to benefit myself both emotionally and physically and as I continue on my personal pathway I am excited to share my knowledge and experience to assist others to do the same, no matter what their abilities. To help others is truly an inspiration.”