Workshops for Seniors

Expressive Arts for Seniors

This workshop offers an opportunity to provide older adults with the many positive benefits, both physical and psychological of Expressive Arts. Exploring personal creativity can improve a person’s self-esteem and quality of life. As we age, new challenges may arise such as cognitive impairments, physical disabilities and isolation and engaging in Expressive Arts can offer a positive influence decreasing symptoms and promoting overall well-being. This supportive workshop promotes socialization for seniors and offers an opportunity to relax and have fun while providing a sense of control through personal exploration.

Expressive Arts Intergenerational Workshop

Joy is created when youth and seniors collaborate and Expressive Arts can make that happen! The interaction is mutually beneficial. The reciprocal partnership fosters companionship, respect, kindness, wisdom, volunteerism and a sense of community. Expressive Arts is the tool that offers an enjoyable, stress- free opportunity to connect.

Feel Good to the Beat: Drumming and Percussion Workshop 

This is a popular workshop for everyone. Participants are introduced to a variety of percussion instruments in a fun and dynamic group process. It focuses on creativity, teamwork and movement. Smiling participants are a common denominator as rhythms are created.

Expressive Arts for Palliative Care

Implementing expressive arts in palliative care is an effective tool to assist patients to communicate their feelings creatively, using various art forms. A patient with a palliative  diagnosis requires support to express themselves effectively and preserve memories, as they prepare for the end of life.  Along with creating art, expressive art modalities such as writing and storytelling would be especially beneficial to patients, their families and caregivers. This workshop would be an asset for anyone involved in hospice and palliative care.