Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Workshops

These workshops support the certification/training component of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s SHSM secondary school programs which are part of Student Success initiatives.

Art for Health /SHSM Health and Wellness

Students gain knowledge and understanding about expressive arts and its many applications in the health care sector. They will participate in a variety of expressive arts modalities and then experience a planning session working collaboratively to create an expressive arts experience for a health care setting such as a hospice centre, seniors day program or mental health facility.

Expressive Arts and Creative Career Paths/SHSM Arts and Culture

Students learn about expressive arts by experiencing the many art forms available to promote creativity. Students will focus on art with personal intention and  explore new modalities to further their creativity and inner exploration. They will also gain awareness of careers that incorporate expressive arts to expand their knowledge of post-secondary pathways.

Expressive Arts in Special Education

 This workshop benefits students who may have delays with cognitive development and verbal skills by offering an opportunity to express themselves through a safe, enjoyable outlet. It can also augment physical abilities through the use of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and enhances the development of interpersonal skills, self-regulation and self-esteem. The workshop offers a stress-free environment where students have fun creating at their own pace while focusing on their strengths. 

Expressive Arts for Seniors

This workshop offers an opportunity to provide older adults with the many positive benefits, both physical and psychological of Expressive Arts. Exploring personal creativity can improve a person’s self-esteem and quality of life. As we age, new challenges may arise such as cognitive impairments, physical disabilities and isolation and engaging in Expressive Arts can offer a positive influence decreasing symptoms and promoting overall well-being. This supportive workshop promotes socialization for seniors and offers an opportunity to relax and have fun while providing a sense of control through personal exploration.

Expressive Arts Intergenerational Workshop

Joy is created when youth and seniors collaborate and Expressive Arts can make that happen! The interaction is mutually beneficial. The reciprocal partnership fosters companionship, respect, kindness, wisdom, volunteerism and a sense of community. Expressive Arts is the tool that offers an enjoyable, stress- free opportunity to connect.

Expressive Arts for Self-Care: Health Care Professionals and Care Givers 

Compassion fatigue is a work-related stress for health professionals and caregivers that can negatively affect all areas of their lives and overall well-being. Learn how to develop strategies to manage your stressor using expressive arts. This workshop will assist you to disconnect from your environment and offer time to focus on you and your needs. 

Supporting Grief and Loss with Expressive Arts

 The myriad of emotions that accompany grief and loss are often difficult to process and Expressive Arts is an effective vehicle to navigate through this difficult period. This workshop will present expressive art modalities such as reflection and dialoguing with art, to assist clients to examine and clarify their feelings as they work through their grief process.

Drumming Workshop 

This is a popular workshop for everyone. Participants are introduced to a variety of percussion instruments in a fun and dynamic group process. It focuses on creativity, teamwork and movement.